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Creative Attunement June 19, 2013: Artist’s Inheritance

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The Write Alignment: Your Daily Creative Attunment


We’ve all heard people talk about divine inheritance, familial inheritance. Those things that are our birthright, or things which we come into as a result of our connections. Our being. Some would say that our divine inheritance (if you believe in divinity) is the capacity to love, and to have a soul. Just to name a few. Our familial inheritance, may be literal monies left for us, or a particular viewpoint or skill that we have as a result of our fathers, mothers, or perhaps even family friends.

But what about artists? Do we have an inheritance? Do we have an attribute or a possession that is bequeathed to us because we create? Because we are “born to write”? “Born to draw”? “Born to think outside the box”? Do we have something that is uniquely ours, that can be accessed to benefit us, and, by extension, the world?

If so…

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